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Crack, baby crack: Skintcare.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Nope, that is not a typo in the title. Skintcare is when you're broke; you've just cut open the tube of moisturiser, contemplating smearing Stork on your body and there's 2 weeks to pay day. What do you do? Extend your overdraft because you just need that tub of Creme de la Mer? No. You do this instead.

This tub of cream may yet just do the job until pay day, especially if you have a No7 £5 off voucher kicking around the house.

So, this stuff is seriously creamy and heavy. I doubt it's suitable for oily skins. I've never used such a thick body moisturiser never mind a face moisturiser. I took a pea-sized amount and warmed it in my hand for a few seconds to get it really pliable before applying to my cheeks and neck first, followed by the forehead and nose. I left it for 15 minutes whilst I got dressed and did my hair before applying make up.

It is for dry to normal skin but it does feel good and more importantly, I haven't had a breakout after a week of use. It is not scented, which is fabulous for me as heavily perfumed facial moisturisers tend to make my face sore.

I have also used it as a sort of mask - slathering it all over and then lying down with a hot damp face flannel for about fifteen minutes before wiping it gently off with said flannel. It really did the business with my poor parched and dehydrated face.

A little definitely goes a very long way with this moisturiser. Too much and the skin will feel greasy and slightly uncomfortable (well it did in my case). I'd say it's more for 30+ skin. Anyone younger, unless they have seriously dry skin, might find it too heavy and clogging.

It costs £9, or £4 instore if you have any No7 £5 off vouchers. A bargain and well worth the money. Find it in the Boots No7 Skincare range.

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