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Two things that I need.

Crack, baby crack: Two things that I need.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Two things that I need.

Many apologies for not blogging of late. I haven't had much inspiration lately and that makes me a bad blogger. I resolve to do much better in the future.

Anyway, I've found two things I need desperately - an affordable train case for my kit and some Bioderma Crealine - the best make up remover ever. Apparently, Kate Moss won't allow you near her face with anything but Crealine.

It's widely available in French pharmacies but not so easy to get a hold of here in the UK unless you're off to France for a holiday. However, Guru Make up Emporium sell it online and in-store. It seems to be almost constantly out of stock, though.

The train case I need is by Daniel Sandler and is big enough to get all my kit in. It's cheaper and larger than the Makeup Forever one and looks to be better quality too. £80 as opposed to £128.50? Yes please. I've linked to the page, but no picture because I don't own it yet. When I do get it, pics will be posted.

One last thing, Clinique are having a lot of GWPs for the next couple of weeks. I find they're a good way to build up your kit for eye shadow, lipstick and mascaras. Fenwick GWP finishes on Saturday, Debenhams starts tomorrow with a lip pallette and lipstick included. John Lewis starts on 23rd February.

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